Breast Cancer Confidence Project

Body image concerns impact
2 out of every 3 Breast Cancer Survivors

to help those impacted by breast cancer feel comfortable, confident, & sexy in their bodies


Empowerment: Women, especially those impacted by breast cancer, deserve to have a stronger sense of self and love their own bodies. We vow to provide opportunities for this particularly vulnerable population to improve their self-image and develop a positive relationship with their body

Courage: We recognize the overwhelming fears that accompany a breast cancer diagnosis, and understand the emotional depth of these challenges. While we strive to provide content that authentically reflects the experience of breast cancer for the newly diagnosed and general public, we must prioritize fulfilling our duty to those still facing insecurities from their disease. Accordingly, we emphasize & promote inspirational messages that instill strength and resilience.

Creativity: We believe that sometimes you have to think a little outside the box to change negative internal dialogue. We aim to offer unique approaches to fulfill our mission

Community:  Although support from loved ones is incredibly valuable throughout one’s breast cancer journey, they often do not fully understand – especially when it comes to our confidence and our body image. Having a network of those who can relate and share perspectives can be extremely healing. We provide opportunities for survivors to develop their support community

IntegrityWe vow to maintain transparency and accountability with regards to financial reporting, impact of services, and donor privacy. Our organization practices honesty and complies with all applicable laws and regulations in fulfilling our mission and responsibilities as a charitable corporation.

What We Offer

Intimate Portrait Events

Hosted by The Photography Experience in the Rochester, NY region, our photography events provide those impacted by breast cancer with the opportunity to try something different & creative to combat body image challenges. While getting glammed up for their “mini” photoshoot (~30 min), survivors meet one another and offer/receive encouragement and support. To maintain comfort and privacy, photographs are taken in a private room, one-on-one, with a female photographer, Jolana being our main photographer.


A luxury portrait experience that celebrates who you are, embraces where you are in your journey, and helps you love the skin you’re in. Contrary to popular belief, boudoir doesn’t mean you have to wear lingerie – boudoir can be done in any state of dress (or undress) that a survivor feels comfortable with!

Body Art:

A healing approach that involves the application of henna paste or body paint in an artistic manner to help you recognize the beauty in your scars and the strength in your body
Family & Loved One Portrait Events: our “People Who Bring Our Confidence” offering in May is a family-friendly way to get yourself in front of the camera with the people you love the most – the ones that make you feel beautiful, strong, and confident every single day.


Outside of our portrait events, breast friends meet up for brunch, hiking, girls night out, and more!

Social Media Advocacy Campaign:

We share inspiring stories of survivors and their own breast cancer confidence journeys on our Facebook & Instagram pages. If you have a confidence story, advice, or pictures that you would like to share with the Project, please use our Contact form to connect with us.


Our organization and executive board members are based throughout the Rochester, NY region and surrounding areas (Finger Lakes, Central and Western New York State).

Jolana may occasionally be able to accommodate travel to other locations for personal boudoir photoshoots on behalf of the Project. Those who are inspired by the Project and wish to reserve a private photoshoot outside of the Project’s regular events and programming are encouraged to contact Jolana directly by email  or visit

The Breast Cancer Confidence Project understands that your journey and photographs are very personal. Your story is special to us, and we respect your privacy. We will not share your images online or in print without your permission.